• Back-End Kitchen OS™

          Save time by automating every back-of-kitchen process with the Meallogix Kitchen OS™ dashboard, and learn profitable insights into your operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

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        • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

          With the Meallogix Shopping Cart, you can offer customers subscriptions, custom meal types, discount codes, nutrition label data, easy payment and more!

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Automate the Kitchen With Meal Prep Software, Grow Your Business


Meallogix is the Kitchen OS™ that powers meal prep businesses
to automate, analyze, scale, and sell online

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Food order management system

The Meallogix Platform

Shopping List

Our convertor breaks down every single order you receive into an exact list of ingredients you have to shop for.

Prep Lists
Plan what to chop, mince, or blend before you start cooking to save time and improve your kitchen’s efficiency
Easy Recipe™
Quickly load recipes, ingredients, and units of measurement in seconds. Scaling has never been easier! 
Meal Planner
Plan your meals weeks or months in advance
Food Labeling
Easily print labels for ingredients, delivery addresses, heating/storage instructions, and FDA-compliant nutritional values
Discounted Ingredient and Supply Costs
Save 5-15% on food expenses by getting exclusive access to the largest meal prep food purchasing network in the U.S.
Meal Delivery
Focus on the food and let us handle the delivery logistics. Our partners handle the routes, pick-ups & deliveries of your product.

A Complete E-commerce
Solution for Meal Prep

Meal Subscriptions
Enable customers to subscribe to a meal plan on a frequency of their choice.
Meal Type Variety
Stay competitive by offering a wide variety of meal types for your customers.
Discount Codes
Easy to redeem, and no limit to how many your store can offer.
Quick Filters and Tags
Easy menu browsing and filtering for your customers by any customized allergy, diet, or food type.
Nutritional Information
See an instant, detailed USDA-based label breakdown of all nutrients and ingredients that make up every meal.
Multiple Pick Up Locations
Let your customers pick up from any location where your meals are offered.
meal prep order

Understand Kitchen Data
with Advanced Analytics

The centralized place to view the economics of your business.

Insights Dashboard
Our robust dashboard provides vital insights into the health of your business at a glance.
Recipe Cost Analysis
Know what meals are driving profits and which ones aren’t. Break down the cost of each meal and its included overhead costs!
Store Data Analytics
Know which items are selling best and how to optimize your offerings to grow your business profitably.
Advanced Reporting
Get clear insights to the financial health of your business via easy-to-understand / customizable reporting dashboards.


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What our customers are saying

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“Before Meallogix, it’d take me all weekend to perform administrative tasks. Now it just takes me 30 minutes! I wish I’d found it sooner.”

Claire Lore
CEO, Dine-In Keto

What makes us the leading enterprise resource planning platform for the meal prep sector? Well, we’re not the kind to boast, but a few people have talked about us


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