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          Save time by automating every back-of-kitchen process with the Meallogix Kitchen OS™ dashboard, and learn profitable insights into your operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

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          With the Meallogix Shopping Cart, you can offer customers subscriptions, custom meal types, discount codes, nutrition label data, easy payment and more!

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Meallogix Integrates Directly with DoorDash

Handling your own deliveries just became a thing of the past.

You asked, and we delivered. Meallogix now integrates with DoorDash, offering a complete front- and back-end solution for all your business needs – including delivery.

Seamless DoorDash Integration

We get it – you’re in the meal prep business, not in logistics. No need to source your own drivers or plan out your routes. Every aspect of your deliveries is managed seamlessly by DoorDash, and straight from the Meallogix platform.

Savings Passed on to You and Your Customers

We’ve done all the bargaining for you because we know you’ve got enough on your plate. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with DoorDash, our purchasing power and the power of our user base, we scored a major discount on delivery costs that would normally be twice as high.

Schedule Deliveries in Advance

Meallogix knows and understands your customers – what they ordered, what meals need to be delivered, and when. Our platform seamlessly sends the delivery request to DoorDash, and they take care of the rest, picking up your meals, handling the routes, logistics, and delivery. It’s really that easy.


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