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Feature Roadmap

Have a question or a new feature request? This is the place to learn more about leveraging the capabilities of Meallogix to the greatest benefit.

Feature Roadmap

Have a look to see the new features we’re actively working on building.

Recently Completed Requests

•Login ability for the consumer on the shopping cart
•The ability for the consumer to have one time orders
• Ability to add nutrition facts to each ingredient
• View list of meals to make for the week
•An automated shopping list from ordered meals

1. Shopping Cart Customization

The ability for the meal prep owner to set the colors of the buttons and text in the shopping cart themselves.

Ability to edit the “thank you page.”

2. Delivery Automation (Doordash)

Implementing Doordash integration – meal prep company can send the order to doordash to pick up from a designated location and deliver the meal package to the customer. 

3. Make your own meal

Adding in a new item to the shopping cart, letting customers build their own meals, and choose meal additions. 

Upcoming Features

Upcoming features planned for June – August

1. Revised Nutrition API - Nutrition Label Creator

In the current product, we utilize the USDA Nutrition API to support the creation of nutrition labels. In the updated feature, we will be able to create Nutrition labels on the fly and have them generate quickly on recipe pages when an ingredient updates. 

  • Faster nutrition labels
  • Macros as part of labels
  • Printing format for sticker labels

2. Monthly Meal Calendar

Updating the meal calendar to quickly show the monthly plan of meals, letting meal prep companies plan their menu’s quickly. 

3. Recipe Import and Recipe Creation

Adding the ability to copy and paste recipes and remove the need for line by line ingredient entry. Meal prep company will be able to copy their full recipe in one go and add it to the system. 

4. Updating Packing Slips

Adding in functionality to print packing slips for all your order at once, or only for a single order; including the company branding, email, and other pertinent information. 

5. Financial Dashboard

Building out the full financial dashboard letting meal prep companies quickly see where their business is, as well as new customers and any changes in orders. 

6. Customer Website Analytics & Facebook Pixel Tracking

Adding tracking capability to the shopping cart so that meal prep companies can view their visitor data in detail. 

Request a Feature

Interested in adding to our roadmap of features? Send a request and we’ll add it to our development roadmap.

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