2. Starting Off

Expert Bio

Commit as much or as little time as you want. Share your gastronomic passion with the world using the incredible tech tools available today. – gives examples of successful meal prep companies – we want to show them here that “people just like you have succeeded all the time” There are “stay at home moms that love cooking and only want to work 2 days a week.

They have 20 regular customers and they generate and extra $1,200 a week in income. We have another client Anthony that use to be in the Marines and is now making close to $1M a year! Meal Prep Academy will give a few short success stories to let them know that – people just like you have created a significant income and lasting companies.

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Anton Bernstein

Marketing Expert

Anton has over seven years experience in the meal prep business and grew his business organically from 5 clients to over $1M in annual revenue. Along the way, he faced obstacles and loves sharing his experiences and passion for meal prep to help others grow their business as efficiently as possible.