2. Starting Off

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You may be asking yourself:
Can I do this on my own, or should I find a partner? “One of the reasons why starting a meal prep company is such a good idea is that – different than restaurants, YOU DON”T need to start with a large team, or at any team at all. You can start just with you.

But if you have a best friend the you want to go into business with, you can do that to. But I have to say, in companies I’ve started in the past, honestly, there were times when I wanted to have a business partner because I felt like I need to be “in the trenches” with someone else. Think about it, you are staring out on a new unknown journey, venturing out into the “great unknown” and while you are on that quest, it can be scary, lonely,

IF you are doing it along, but I want to let you know, with us, you aren’t doing it alone, we’ll be here with you. You’ll have a step by step guide, and support group. So, I just want you to think about this for a moment. You don’t’ necessarily have to start with anyone else, you can start with only you. We’ll be here for you and when you have to grow and hire more employees, we’ll show you how to do that.

Anton Bernstein

Marketing Expert

Anton has over seven years experience in the meal prep business and grew his business organically from 5 clients to over $1M in annual revenue. Along the way, he faced obstacles and loves sharing his experiences and passion for meal prep to help others grow their business as efficiently as possible.