5.Automating Your Business

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Sub-recipes, Finished goods, Meal Packages, Build a Meal. Upload pictures. Ingredient cost (In this section we will be showing an MPO how to properly input a recipe into their platform. We want to focus on structuring the recipe to be the most useful when making their prep lists later on. We will go through the importance of using sub recipes to build finished products that will be seen on the shopping cart. From there we will go over how to import pictures, set meal descriptions, attach tags, and create meal sizes if they wish to offer them. After that we will want to go into how to properly set up the build a meal section (categories and subrecipes). Then we will finish on the ingredients page and associate purchase sizes with prizes to get an accurate food cost.)

Anton Bernstein

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Anton has over seven years experience in the meal prep business and grew his business organically from 5 clients to over $1M in annual revenue. Along the way, he faced obstacles and loves sharing his experiences and passion for meal prep to help others grow their business as efficiently as possible.