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A few years ago, these would have been relatively unknown terms. But with a number of meal prep companies having paved the way for others in this industry (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc), it is now a household concept. 

Meal Prep can be broken down into two categories: 

Meal Delivery Kit

These are pre-assembled meals that simply need to be heated. Plain and simple, the TV dinner of the 21st century with a new, very important twist. These meals (typically) are geared towards not just filling a hungry stomach, but providing a healthy and beautiful culinary experience. No more mashed potatoes and reheated turkey dinners of old. This is not eating for the sake of eating, but dining, treating yourself. Given the time, talent, desire, your customers would make these meals for themselves, but now you have provided them an even better, more convenient option.


Meal kits are convenient, healthy options that are more affordable than dining in a restaurant. They are pre-pared meals, available for eating when the customer wants/needs them. Life is busy and many people have a love for food, without the ability, time, drive to make it. 

Meal Prep Kits

The customer is provided with a recipe and all needed ingredients to prepare the meal themselves. 


There are a myriad of reasons for this option. More people are working from home and have time to cook, but don’t want the hassle of shopping and prepping.  This is often compounded with many homeschooling their children and having ready-cooked or ready-to-cook meals on hand, is a life saver. Meal prep kits allow couples and families to spend time together in the kitchen preparing meals. It’s a great teaching opportunity as well lots of fun. 

If you are looking to start a business providing either or both of these meal kit options, it comes down to a numbers game that leans well in your favor: There are a handful of meal prep companies that dominate only 20% of the market, leaving 80% for you to tap into.

Given the opportunity, easy ordering ability and financial incentive, who wouldn’t want a meal prep or team delivery kit?