• Back-End Kitchen OS™

          Save time by automating every back-of-kitchen process with the Meallogix Kitchen OS™ dashboard, and learn profitable insights into your operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

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        • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

          With the Meallogix Shopping Cart, you can offer customers subscriptions, custom meal types, discount codes, nutrition label data, easy payment and more!

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Power Up With Kitchen OS™ & Sell Meal Prep

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Monthly Subscription Price

$250+ / mo.

$149 / mo.

Ability to launch your e-commerce meal prep store in under 48 hours

Back-end Kitchen OS™ Features

Shopping List

Prep Lists

Easy Recipe™

Meal Planner

Food Labeling

Discounted Ingredient and Supply Costs

Meal Delivery

Front-end E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Features

Meal Subscriptions

Discount Codes

Meal Type Variety

Quick Filters and Tags

Nutritional Information

Multiple Pick Up Locations

Analytics & Reporting Features

Insights Dashboard

Recipe Cost Analysis

Store Data Analytics

Advanced Reporting

Payments & Support

Continuous product releases to enable you to automate, operate, scale, and grow your business

Dedicated Customer Sucess Manager & Support 


Do I need coding skills to use the shopping cart?

No, absolutely not! It's easy to set up the cart, you just need access to your website hosting provider and we'll walk you through the rest. You can get running with just a few clicks. 

How do I add the shopping cart to my website?

It's really simple. Create a button or link on your current website and direct the link to your meallogix subdomain address (example.mymeallogix.com) or direct any other link (such as Instagram or Google website button links) to your meallogix subdomain address directly. 

Do you offer support if I need it?

Yes, we are happy to help! We've created knowledge base articles and videos to get you started, and you can also submit a ticket to our support helpdesk. Plus, you always have a dedicated customer success manager ready to give you support.

What are the transaction fees?

The shopping cart transaction fees are 3.9% + 30¢ per successful charge.