• Back-End Kitchen OS™

          Save time by automating every back-of-kitchen process with the Meallogix Kitchen OS™ dashboard, and learn profitable insights into your operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

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        • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

          With the Meallogix Shopping Cart, you can offer customers subscriptions, custom meal types, discount codes, nutrition label data, easy payment and more!

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E-commerce for Meal Prep 

Add a shopping cart experience to your website made just for meal prep companies.

Meal Prep Software

Custom Shopping Cart for Meal Prep


Automated Shopping Lists

With our shopping cart integration, your orders combine to create a clear and simple shopping list you can sort by cooking day, and utilize with your grocery vendors.

Subscription or One Time Orders

Our flexible shopping cart allows you to create meal prep subscription packages or allows for one time orders.


Nutrition Labels

Create quick nutrition labels for all your meals with a USDA linked database. Print them and add them to your deliveries.

Keep Your Current Website

It’s simple to add the shopping cart experience to your website. Your current website remains and there’s no need to hire a programmer.

Build Your Own Meal (Coming in May)

New features are released every month, and we’ll be adding a “build your own meal” to let your customers customize their orders. 

Recipe Costing

Know your real costs of preparing and selling meals. Understand your ingredient costing and your profit margins.

“For a few hundred a month I’m saving days of work, which is a lot of money. It's such a no brainer, it's ridiculous.”

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