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The Team

Ted Stearns


Ted Stearns is a visionary leader, technology executive, CEO and entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience in the software industry. He boasts a successful track record of building high-growth companies with multiple startups and exits. He is the founder of InsureWell/AssuranceApp (acquired 2015), SimpleDisability and Benefyts, with all ventures institutionally backed. In 2019, Stearns founded Meallogix – the premier technology software for the meal prep sector. As an entrepreneur himself, Stearns is passionate about creating tools and technologies to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed and grow their business.

Troy Underwood


Troy Underwood is an industry disruptor and serial entrepreneur. He serves as Chief Technology Officer at Meallogix. Part technologist, part economist, and all innovator, he revolutionized the motor vehicle industry with the nation’s first electronic title system for financial institutions. Underwood’s pioneering title system startup, FDI, eventually evolved via a merger into triVIN, which sold for $106 million in 2007. After Underwood made his exit as a founder, DealerTrack bought triVIN for $131 million in 2011. In 2015, Cox Enterprises bought DealerTrack for $4.5 billion.

Ed Cleary

VP of Corporate Strategy

Ed Cleary possesses the 360-degree skills and experience required to create and manage long term growth and profitability. A veteran of the startup community, he’s worked through every aspect of properly positioning companies to achieve their vision. From marketing and advertising, to sporting goods and software, Ed’s blend of expertise and experience make him uniquely qualified to guide a company from a concept on a cocktail napkin, to a market leader.

Kyle White

Director of Product

Kyle White is the Director of Product and leads the entire product vision for Meallogix. Kyle focuses on matching user needs with business goals and mixing the magic together to collaborate with our designers and developers on what to build next. Kyle has spent 10+ years building products in high-growth startups (SaaS, digital marketing, and E-commerce) with an emphasis on data-driven decisions. Outside of work, Kyle is an avid cook, cyclist, bodybuilder, and musician.

Greg Kozera

Director of eLearning

Greg Kozera is the Director of eLearning, leading the global strategy and development of Meallogix’s learning academy to assist aspiring meal prep entrepreneurs in gaining knowledge and resources needed to start their meal prep business. Greg brings 10+ years of experience in creating digital learning experiences that are effective, intuitive and appealing by combining modern neuroscience and user experience methodologies. Aside from learning experience design, Greg is an avid, surfer, artist, and poet.

Will Bridges

Director of Engineering

Will Bridges is the Director of Engineering at Meallogix. He helps find and recruit talented engineers. Will focuses on building and maintaining a great team he and Meallogix can be proud of, as well as making sure development goals are on target. Will has spent over 22 years in web development writing code, leading, and building teams for E-commerce, community engagement, and healthcare software. Will knows the most important part of a company is the people it consists of, and how well they work together to achieve the goals of the company. Outside of his work, he’s an avid traveler, chef, and sci-fi nerd.

Jimmy Thorn

Lead Front-End Engineer

Jimmy Thorn leads the front-end development team at Meallogix. He has nearly a decade of experience developing award-winning software for a broad range of clients. He is a passionate problem solver and is motivated by his teammates’ successes. Before joining Meallogix, Jimmy worked on a research and development team creating high-reliability software for use in the aerospace and medical fields.

Josh Zandman

Lead Back-End Engineer

Josh’s main focus is backend development and mentorship. Josh has been a Ruby on Rails developer for over 7 years, with experience building iOS and tvOS apps. When he’s not working, Josh is writing songs for TV and film, creating magic tricks, and spending time with his family.

Brandon Goodman

Back-End Engineer

Brandon Goodman is a Software Engineer at Meallogix, specializing in back-end API development. He has experience in startups as well as more established companies focusing on content management, E-commerce, and community management software. He is passionate about growing his understanding of business practices through first-hand experience, as well as reading the top recommended books in the industry. Outside of work he is an avid runner with a love for both road and trail racing.

Dennis Monsewicz

Principal Software Engineer

Dennis Monsewicz is a Principal Software Engineer for Meallogix. Dennis works with the back-end and front-end teams to architect and build solutions for the Meallogix platform. Dennis has spent 15+ years working with a plethora of companies that span the corporate world to the startup SAAS world. Outside of work, Dennis is a father, avid BBQ’er, and fitness junkie.

Arvin Lleva

Front-End Engineer

Arvin Lleva is a Full-Stack Engineer at Meallogix. He graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, and has a passion for problem-solving, programming, and learning all things technology. When he’s away from the keyboard, he enjoys practicing yoga, meditation, weight lifting, or spending time with his wife watching films/shows, playing board games, or going out with friends and trying out different meaderies, cideries, or breweries.

Marcelo Mita

Front-End Engineer

Marcelo Mita is a Front-End developer at Meallogix. With more than 10 years of experience in back- and front-end development, Marcelo always pursues excellency and code quality. He graduated in Computer Engineering from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo – Brazil, and has worked at startups and big companies from Brazil and Argentina alike. Marcelo is enthusiastic about new technologies and likes to solve puzzles as a hobby.

Matt Sanford

Senior Sales Manager

Matt Sanford is the Senior Sales Manager at Meallogix, leading the global sales and customer success teams. He spearheads sales for our core software solution to assist meal prep companies in their transition from pen and paper to an all-in-one software solution. Matt has spent the last seven years building and scaling sales organizations from the ground up. Most notably building out Mindbody, Inc.’s east coast offices from 0 employees to over 100 in route to a 1.9B acquisition. Aside from Matt’s love for all things sales, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids (Aiden & Brooks), golfing, and any live music he can find!

Bruno Bortolotti

Back-End Engineer

Bruno Bortolotti is a Software Engineer at Meallogix, working mostly on back-end development. He comes from a high-performance development background and loves creating critical applications and enabling them to be highly scalable and highly available. He is very close to DevOps, and loves working in security related features. Outside of his work, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and spending time with his family.

Nadia Agahozo

Back-End Engineer

Nadia Agahozo is a Junior Software Engineer at Meallogix, specializing in back-end API development. She is a boot camp grad that is passionate about working in software development and learning as much as she can. Outside of work she is a lover of horror movies, music, and all things beauty & skincare.

Reid Wilson

Front-End Engineer

Reid Wilson is a Junior Front-End Engineer who also loves back-end and devOps technologies. Fresh out of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Reid has moved quickly to build out our platform at scale and in his free time enjoys surfing, and working on freelance projects using new programming languages such as Google’s Go.

Atom6 Design Studio

Internal UX/UI Team

An international design studio that creates user experiences and graphic interfaces for web and mobile apps, websites, and enterprise software. Atom6 Design has delivered world-class designs for more than 200 companies in 23 countries around the world. With a get-it-done philosophy and over 16 years of international experience, Atom6 has been working with companies spread across the world with a wide range of goals, languages, and business models. Atom6 was founded by entrepreneurs that share a passion for design. They work directly with Atom6 designers in each project, have a maniacal focus on details, and measure success based on client metrics and goals.

Gustavo Novloski

Lead UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designer, Electrical Engineer, and Musician. Gus is committed to delivering solutions that will have a real impact on people’s lives. No fake solutions for fake problems, please! He has been designing apps, websites, and software for more than 15 years. Opening and running Atom6 Design (www.atom6.design) made it possible to work and impact 100+ projects in 14 different countries. Apart from that, his professional background also includes: running a Solar Energy Startup, being Oilfield Engineer in the USA, Mexico, UAE, and Brazil, graduating in Croatia and Brazil, and as a volunteer, teaching English and Design in Brazil and Ukraine.

Bruno Bach

UX/UI Designer

Bruno is a UX Designer from Atom6 and assists in managing the product feature’s decision. Bruno does research and design concepts, along with the design system of Meallogix to deliver a well-structured product. Bruno focuses more on innovative product dashboards and apps in his career. In his free time, Bruno enjoys survival games, sci-fi movies, and Stoic philosophy.

Arthur Avila

Junior UX/UI Designer

Arthur Avila is an Atom6 UI Designer that creates solutions focused on the user needs for the product. Prototypes, visual solutions, components, and research are his weekly tasks. Besides UI Design, Arthur has worked with graphic design, branding, and internal marketing and he was a co-founder of a startup that had a product-focused in the soccer world. Outside of work, Arthur likes to play video games, listen to punk rock music and play soccer.

Lori Riccardi


Lori Riccardi is an outside payroll/accountant for Meallogix. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and has held a CPA license since 2012. She has a passion for puzzles, math and all things finance related. When she’s away from crunching numbers, she enjoys paddleboarding, trying out the trendiest restaurants, hanging with her sweet dog and international travel.

Amanda Garcia

Content Writer

Amanda Garcia is a freelance writer, specializing in blogging, copy, social media marketing and editing – anything that builds meaningful, personal connections. She graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in Creative Writing and a special interest in graphic novels. When not freelancing, she is a full-time contractor and sales associate in the senior living world who loves to read, travel and drink whiskey. She is also a fiber artist with her own weaving company.

Justin Evans


Justin is a Sales Development rep with 5+ years of sales under his belt in SaaS.