• Back-End Kitchen OS™

          Save time by automating every back-of-kitchen process with the Meallogix Kitchen OS™ dashboard, and learn profitable insights into your operations to increase productivity and reduce overhead.

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        • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart

          With the Meallogix Shopping Cart, you can offer customers subscriptions, custom meal types, discount codes, nutrition label data, easy payment and more!

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The All-in-One Meal Prep Resource Planner

Meallogix’s all-in-one platform makes it easy to get your store set up in minutes — and selling for years to come. Our tools make it easy to run your store, whether it’s planning your weekly menu, stocking ingredients, or printing your nutrition labels. And our expert team of support specialists are always here to guide you through every step of your meal prep journey.

Meal Prep Software

Shopping Cart

A customizable shopping cart for meal prep companies, you can add to your website so that you can easily start selling meals and meal packages.

Recipe Costing & Management

Meallogix lets you store all your recipes in one place and has a robust reporting tool that enables you to understand the expense versus revenue of your meal prep business.

Recipe Costing & Management

“For a few hundred a month I’m saving days of work, which is a lot of money. It's such a no brainer it's ridiculous.”

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